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Lice Cleanse uses the most effective head lice removal method available.

We offer complete head lice treatments and lice removal services. If you want to treat at home, we have the best lice removal tools and safe non toxic products available in our shop.


Our experienced and meticulous technicians are extensively trained by the Sheperd Institute research facility.
With years of experience, we help families win their battle against lice!

Lice Cleanse is a certified head lice removal and treatment center. We eliminate lice with professional removal tools and all-natural products. We thoroughly comb through hair to remove lice and nits with professional nit combs. Technicians treat hair with pesticide-free, eco-friendly, all natural lice treatment products.
Although we remove all lice during the treatment, going back to the same environment puts you at risk to get lice again. For this reason the service includes 2 follow-up rechecks. Another crucial step to ensure you remain lice & nit free.

Above all our goal is to help families with lice. Dedicated to eliminate the persistent head lice problem, we train and educate families. Furthermore we will show you the removal procedure to eliminate lice step-by-step.
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