Lice Cleanse is dedicated to eliminating the persistent head lice problem. As well as educating the community on the use of safe and effective treatments.

I am a mother of 5 children between the ages of 7- 14. Like many parents/guardians of young children, I panicked after receiving the dreaded letter from school that my children had head lice. We bought over the counter treatments to get rid of the problem. However, head lice have become resistant to these over the counter treatments.  They contain harmful pesticides and are toxic for our children. We struggled with these parasites for months believing after each treatment they were gone. I spent hours and hours researching, nit picking, losing sleep, and became completely immersed in searching for a solution.

Head lice is a topic most parents would rather not talk about. But talking is exactly what they should do to put an end to the never ending cycle of head lice. Now thanks to Lice Cleanse LLC, a head lice awareness and control center, certified in The Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand nit and lice removal, parents in the Denver Metro area are educated in up-to-date lice information; while getting rid of their head lice problem.

Lice Cleanse has been open for business in Denver, Colorado since 2016. Because of high demand for our quality service, we now have a storefront treatment center.

We are here to provide parents with safe and effective means for dealing with this problem. Our goal is to better educate parents in ways to prevent the spread of these bugs. With hopes to minimize the ever-growing number of cases. Altogether we hope a better understanding will help end the negative stigma associated with this problem.
We have become a recognized leader in lice removal. Why? Because we truly care about each and every one of our clients. Additionally we take great pride in our customer service and our treatment is fast, safe and best of all, guaranteed.
We also educate the community on the real facts of lice. If you would like us to do a presentation for the PTA, community, or any group setting, give us a call. We provide informational seminars at no charge. We are confidential. Most of all we are here to help!

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